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Tax and Accounting Services firm in Cañon City, ColoradoMy Online Tax Accountant provides tailored packages and independent products according to the prioritized needs of our clients. Based in Cañon City, Colorado, we excel in bookkeeping, business and individual tax planning and preparation, business startup plan consultations, and our concierge business comptroller program where we function as part of your management team fulfilling all the roles of an in-house tax and accounting firm.

Clients who are a great fit for our services are small and medium-sized businesses across the United States that are not large enough to warrant having an internal accounting or payroll department. We serve clients in a wide variety of industries, providing remote bookkeeping and accounting services.

Our objectives are to provide quality auditing, tax accounting, and management advisory services to our clients. We have established a very fine reputation with the local business community which has enabled us to grow through internal expansion. 

A Consultative Approach

Our consultative financial service approach, allows our committed staff of professionals to apply their years of specialized knowledge to the specific needs of your business and the ramifications to your personal finances.  We take the time to understand your business and individual financial needs to improve your tax position and your over-all financial success.

My Online Tax Accountant is a leading expert in business bookkeeping and accounting. We can handle tax returns for both businesses and individuals, whether you are local or need remote bookkeeper and tax accounting!  We provide our clients with service that doesn’t just meet expectations, but exceeds them with value-added services.

We pride ourselves in offering exemplary customer service to our clients to build long lasting and productive relationships.

Our team is committed to providing you with personal service, relevant and timely information, and innovative solutions that keep pace with your changing needs. We are here to help you manage financial priorities, make the most of new opportunities, and maximize your growth potential.

We are here year round to help you, and we never charge our clients to answer questions when meeting with us in person or over the phone.

Erika Ready, MBA

Tax Accountant

As the owner of My Online Tax Accountant, my passion is to help others with their finances and taxes. I love helping other entrepreneurs navigate through their business financials and ensure they are meeting financial and business goals while not having the stress of finances keeping them up at night!

You'll find me happily walking individuals, businesses, and nonprofits through their tax situations and giving them peace of mind when dealing with government agencies. My staff and I provide tax services to corporations, partnerships and individuals, with our extensive experience in working with owners and managers of professional services companies and non-profit organizations, as well as cannabis businesses.

My specialty is building relationships with my clients and working to make every interaction a good one. I have a wide range of accounting experience which enables me to provide relevant and timely advice and assistance to business owners with their internal accounting, periodic reporting, forecasting, and ultimately the development and implementation of succession plans. 

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Badge

I have an MBA from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis on accounting and entrepreneurship. I am also a Certified ProAdvisor in using QuickBooks Online.

I started working at My Online Tax Accountant in 2015 as a bookkeeper and tax accountant. In 2017, I was offered the opportunity to become a partner and then in January 2022, I was able to buy my partner out.

The company has been evolving and growing around the mission of earning the respect, confidence, and loyalty of our clients by providing services of the highest value while building strong relationships.

I am proud to be a mother of three beautiful kids and a wife. My family and I love going to church, camping, motorcycle riding, and going on adventures in our free time. I adore spending time with my family and friends and celebrating life!

Our firm strives to be the all-encompassing financial partner so their clients can fully understand the financial situation and reach their personal and professional goals.  I look forward to our future interactions and I am excited to help your organization thrive and grow!

Sara Ready


I have my Associates Degree in Business Management and Accounting from The University of Phoenix. I have eight years of experience in customer service in the retail setting along with four years of experience with cash management.

My experience brings clients a dynamic combination of financial management and strategic planning expertise. Our team-based approach means we get to know your business thoroughly, and we adapt our services to meet your changing needs and goals.

My responsibilities include the full range of services provided by our firm with an emphasis on assisting small/medium-sized business with bookkeeping, business taxes, payroll and payroll taxes, corporate tax, and accounting software packages. knowledge of business administration and bookkeeping requirements have served me and my clients well in developing individualized bookkeeping systems that work for their specific needs so they can focus on what matters most – growing their business. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my five girls, my parents, and siblings. We love camping, celebrating, and spending time with friends!

I am looking forward to assisting you in any way I can.

Tax & Business Accounting Services

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At My Online Tax Accountant, we’re a Colorado tax and accounting firm who won’t just help you save money on your taxes but also provide quality accounting services and accurate bookkeeping services along with balanced financial advice. Our Cañon City, Colorado firm has helped many different types of small businesses monitor expenses and improve accounting procedures in order to realize higher profits.

With our support and guidance, your business can stabilize cash flow, establish a practical budget, and save money on taxes. We also offer income tax preparation services for business owners and individuals. The staff at My Online Tax Accountant will always place the client at the center of every decision and every recommendation to help ensure the best possible results.

If you have financial problems, we want you to know that the staff at My Online Tax Accountant are here for you. We encourage you to consult with us so that we may help you early in the situation. Don’t let the problems become big before you seek advice. 

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