What industries does My Online Tax Accountant work with?

My Online Tax Accountant is a full service accounting firm offering a wide range of services in the areas of tax, accounting, and small business services. We care about you, your business, and your success! Our team is committed to providing you with personal service, relevant and timely information, and innovative solutions that keep pace with your changing needs.

  • Construction
  • Retail / Wholesale
  • Service Industries
  • Real Estate and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Owners
  • Cannabis Industry

Do you accept clients outside of the Fremont County, Colorado area?

Yes! We work with clients all around the great State of Colorado. Give us a call to see how we can help you!

Do you offer retirement planning?

My Online Tax Accountant offers estate planning and trust planning. Both of these services can be an important part of your retirement plan. We do however offer specific retirement planning.

How else can you help me other than monthly accounting and tax preparation?

Buying a Business
We can help by preparing cash flow projections, debt service analysis, and reviewing the financial records of the business.

Financial analysis
compare your business to others in your industry. Identify key indicators and financial ratios.

Accounting Software
Recommend and implement accounting systems best suited to your business type and industry.

What things do I need to do to ensure that you better serve me or my company?

Keep us informed. Let us know when you are encountering any major financial changes or decisions. Provide us with timely information so that we are working with current data.

Can you take over where our in-house accountant left off?

Yes, we can assist in a timely manner. We perform an assessment of your needs and the most cost-effective way to handle your accounting needs in order to have timely and accurate financial statements.

Won't I lose control if the books are done by an outside service?

The short answer: No. You actually have more control since you'll have accurate, up-to-date financial statements at your fingertips. You'll have more time and money to plan instead of simply reacting to business events.

Do you serve businesses with under 100k in annual revenue?

Absolutely. We offer bookkeeping packages for small businesses of almost every size!

Do I need to clean up my books before I hand them over to you?

No, we'll include clean up for you as part of our work estimate. Your My Online Tax Accountant team of financial specialists will setup your industry-specific general ledger in the cloud accounting solution that best fits your needs.

I have multiple businesses, how can you help me?

My Online Tax Accountant specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services for multi-unit businesses and franchises. We can manage the books for each individual location and give you insight into your business' overall financial performance.

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