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 Personal Financial Planner & AdvisorNothing is more important than the future you envision for yourself and your loved ones. When it comes to your finances, it is beneficial to have a plan. At My Online Tax Accountant we get to know you; we ask questions and take the time to listen. As your Financial Planner, we strive to be your most trusted financial professional.

Our role as planners is to help you figure out where your money goes every payday, how to save for retirement, can you pay for college, how do you pay less taxes, and what is the best plan to protect your family if something happens to you.

We also help with other big financial decisions such as where to invest your 401k, reducing school loans, what to do with stock options, how to invest your retirement savings, and many others.

maximize your financial success

Our approach to financial planning is based on providing a full-service program that integrates individual income tax planning along with investment management, resulting in a holistic strategy to help our clients maximize their financial success.

My Online Tax Accountant offers a comprehensive range of tailored investment and financial planning strategies while maintaining local decision-making control and providing exceptional customer service.

What the professionals at My Online Tax Accountant  do for you:

  • Develop a comprehensive personal financial plan to achieve your goals
  • Periodically review your personal financial plan as your life situation changes
  • Integrate your financial plan with your tax planning (individual and business)
  • Evaluate estate, gift tax, and trust tax strategies to preserve wealth
  • Review investment strategies (are you paying too much in fees?)
  • Evaluate investment and retirement portfolio risk (more aggressive, less aggressive)
  • Help you understand Required Mandatory Distributions (RMDs) from IRAs
  • Analyze your current budget versus your retirement budget
  • Create a retirement income distribution plan that meets your goals

By utilizing our financial services, you will have a one-stop–shop to help with your retirement planning, asset management, and investment management – giving you peace of mind when making decisions. Your financial plan isn't just a one-time document; it needs to be adjusted and tailored as your finances develop and grow. 

As your life unfolds, we'll update your financial plan to reflect the changes you've experienced. That way, you'll have a living, breathing document to serve as your guardrails on an ongoing basis.

Together with one of our financial planners, we'll help you create a roadmap to follow and provide you with a team dedicated to getting you to your destination.

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